The Asa Wright Nature Centre


If you happen to visit Trinidad, a tour around the Asa Wright Nature Centre  is worth the effort. Although I had known of its existence for years, I made  my first visit two years ago. 

The continental nature of the island, and the close proximity to the South American mainland, has developed here an unusual collection of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies.  This kind of fauna is quite striking for such a small island.

 Since I only had one day to spare I had to take the guided tour, which proved very interesting, not only for varied sounds of the birds in flight, but also for collection of trees we met on the way.

 Residents with private long term accommodation at the centre had greater uncontrolled access, and were able to venture along the trails as they please and when they please.  This is something worth considering when you visit The Nature Centre,.

It is situated on the valleys of the Northern Range of Trinidad, presents to the outsider a convincing glimpse of the eco-system surrounding by  the mountains. Using various fruits as stimulus, it easily attracts many birds in close range. Some, like the popular humming, were just a couple feet away. The tour, further explains the purpose of the centre, and identifies plants and trees, as well as birds, as you walk along. It was a day well spent, even including the delicious meal. I would like to return one day.