Many experiences fascinated me on my recent visit to Japan, but  I must single out the wonderful shinkansens.   That is the Japanese word to describe what we call the bullet trains. And in more than one ways, they never disappoint.

I was surprised to find that they were not all made from the same mould.  In fact, there were at least half a dozen versions suggesting a different character from the facial design.   My first encounter was a journey to Kyoto, and I was amazed not just by the speed, but also by the platform organisation.  All the coach doors final stop were tactfully marked so there was no danger of you missing your entrance.  The locals were always extremely polite, and timing was always perfect.

Another thing was the frequency of these trains.  This suggests that the Japanese public do need to travel, regularly, and across the country.  And probably, this is one of  the reasons for their economic miracle.  One moment you are in Kyoto, and about two hours later you can be in Hiroshima.  And so I was, just in time to visit the Peace Park although the city was in the middle of a festival.  I also used the shinkansens to visit Nikko, and to Shin Fuji.  Each time they were an absolute delight.

If you have never been to Japan; there is an expereince waiting for you.  Hurry up and make that trip.

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