Caudiciforms, fat-plants or pachycauls are contemporary terms which describe plants with swollen stems.  Almost all are succulents; all develop bulbous roots in which they store food for later times.  Before now, the roots of most of these plants would seldom be seen above ground.  Today, encouraged by progressive nurseries and ambitious collectors, plants with conspicuous caudexes are exhibited almost like works of art.  Yet there is no universal agreement which plants are caudiciforms, but most accept that the presence of enlarged roots above or below the ground, presents a strong case for inclusion.  Adeniums and pachypodiums are already well known. Uncarina and cyphostema are catching up. Generally, southern Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East are principal exporters of these plants.  But as their popularity increases more and more home grown produced plants are emerging.


List of Plants

adansonia digitata     adenia globosa     adenium somalense

bursera microphylla   cyphostemma juttae   euphorbia obesa

fockea capensis   fockea edulis   gerradanthus macrorhizus

momordica rostrata   sinningia leucotricha   fatplants2

tylecodon paniculatus     fatplants1    tylecodon wallichii