Nothing prepares you for the Grand Canyon.  I was on holiday in Los Angeles, and swecided that it was time to make the journey. I had travelled from Flagstaff that morning expecting something spectacular. And indeed it was spectacular, and somewhat surprisng.  Even after arriving within inches of it, there is no hint of what to come. It was the middle of November, and southern California was still quite warm when I left it. But my arrival in Arizona changed all that. Here it was real winter because of the extreme  height of the area. When I arrived by train, there was snow even in Flagstaff.  Yet the day I visited the Canyon was very sunny.  And it was the combination of the the two extremes of weather which I remember now, facing the largest gorge anywhere in the world.  I could try to describe,  but I will allow the photos to speak for me.  If you have never been, plan a visit.