Uncarina: Pride of Madagascar


Uncarinas are still not well known plants, and yet they are probably the best examples of the new generation succulent caudiciforms.  They are classified in the Pedaliaceae group, and is significant because they are the only one that is exclusive to Madagascar.   

Uniquely, because of their attractive foliage and  spectacular yellow flowers, they without doubt  stand a chance of  becoming a notable trend in fat-plants.  Their attractiveness is enhanced because they will flourish in any pseudo- tropical environment, and should be able to stand some degree of cold..

Of the twelve species, the Uncarina grandidieri is easily the best known.  But others like U. peltata and U. decaryi are already catching up.  There is still an identity problem when trying to name plants, but with increasing access to commercial nurseries the problem of identifying plants should soon become much easier.  Below are photos which demonstrate easily why uncarina species are so attractive.