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Pereskia Intro

PERESKIA are some of my favourite plants.  At first glance, you would never guess that they belong to the cactaceae group.   But closer inspection will reveal some similarities; areoles and spines.  Altogether there are around seventeen species, all needing a warm tropical climate to grow vigorously and  survive.   The P. grandifolia is easily the most common, and will grow from a seed or cutting,  and will bloom possibly  after one or two seasons.


Images of Pereskia Species

acu.jpg         gran2.jpg         bleo9         diaz-romeroana.jpg         leaves.jpg        
gran.jpg         diaz-romeroana2.jpg         gv.jpg         lychn.jpg         lychnidiflor.jpg        
sach2.jpg         pq2.jpg         qu.jpg         pg.jpg         stenan2.jpg        
sacharosa2.jpg         st.jpg         godsefifiana.jpg         lychnidiflora.jpg         zinnif.jpg        

Pereskia Identification List

aculeata grandifolia bleo diax-romeroana grandifolia
grandifolia diaz-romeroana gran.  violacea lychnidiflora lychnidiflora
sacharosa quisqueyana quisqueyana grandifolia stenantha
sacharosa bahiensis acu. godsefiana lychnidiflora marcanoi


Pereskia Species


Pereskia Bleo                  MORE INFO




Pereskia Aculeata

Pereskia aculeata with new buds.

Pereskia aculeata with fruits.

The beautiful flowers of the pereskia aculeata which usually blooms late summer.


Created by Winston Martin James