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You don't have to be an expert to love the travel life.  A little interest would do.

Mine started in the early days while growing up in the Caribbean.  

Today, my interest involves travelling around the world.


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             ARIZONA HABITAT TRAIL 1     http://www.agaveville.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2702

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                                            IMAGES OF BRAZIL

bra 356x.jpg bra 127x.jpg bra 130x.jpg bra 139x.jpg bra 229x.jpg
bra 357x.jpg bra 100x.jpg bra 358.jpg bra 361x.jpg bra 456x.jpg
bra 479x.jpg bra 491x.jpg bra 578x.jpg bra 579x.jpg bra 583x.jpg


                  With a population of 200 million people, a visit to Brazil  is a must.  Whatever you hear, suspend your judgement,  and experience                   the real deal.  With a country so large, you are spoilt for choice. Plan carefully; and with extensive research, you will be rewarded                   with a beautiful vacation.  Do remember the language is Portuguese, and that a few words could make a difference.

                                                   THE SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL

208x.jpg 212x.jpg 214x.jpg 218x.jpg 224x.jpg
226x.jpg 228x.jpg 229x.jpg 232X.jpg 233x.jpg



                                                       ...............VISITING JAPAN.............

IMG_6882c.jpg IMG_6963c.jpg IMG_6916.jpg IMG_6879c.jpg IMG_6979.jpg
IMG_7037a.jpg IMG_6946c.jpg IMG_7078.jpg IMG_7203.jpg IMG_7341.jpg
IMG_7438.jpg IMG_7374.jpg IMG_7460c.jpg IMG_7449b.jpg IMG_7602.jpg



日本へようこそ        そしてあなたの訪問を楽しみなさい

Paris has a new museum:    Musee du quai Branly


nature centre                                                                 Uncarina


Plants to Grow

Name  the plants below.           (Answers Below)

aeonoium.jpg         bleo.jpg         crassula.jpg         euphorb.jpg         leucoutricha.jpg        
DSCN0060.JPG         my20.jpg         my8.jpg         pachy.jpg         uncarina.jpg        
DSCN0003.JPG         DSCN0010.JPG         DSCN0006.JPG         DSCN0100.JPG         DSCN0065.JPG        


Teotihuacan and Meso-American Culture


IMG_6232rr1.jpg IMG_6162.jpg IMG_6205r1.jpg IMG_6219r.jpg IMG_6236.jpg
IMG_6246s.jpg IMG_6171c1.jpg IMG_6239sx.jpg IMG_6182rx1.jpg IMG_6278cx.jpg



 On The Move:

Recently I returned from a trip to Trinidad and Tobago .   Below are some of the garden photos taken from my tour around the islands.

 http://www.gotrinidadandtobago.com/home/home.php                            POUI


bromeliad.JPG         croton.JPG         DSCN0920.JPG         flame tree.JPG         foliage.JPG        
heliconia.JPG         ficus.jpg         jathropha1.jpg         yellow.JPG         orchid.JPG        
plumeria2.JPG         home.JPG         mammy.JPG         DSCN0979.JPG         bromeliad2.JPG        


Plants to Grow

ORCHIDS  possess some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  They also constitute one of the largest species of plants.  At  a guess, they probably number above 60,000  species.  Although their origins are definitely from the wild, they have become probably one of the home's most decorative plants.  For people in the tropics they are still an easy hobby to maintain.  For the rest of us, growing orchids need a lot of patience, and of course we have to invent the light and temperature which are absolutely needed for their survival.  To grow  species of these plants is an interesting challenge.

cat1.jpg         cat2.jpg         cat4.jpg         DSCN1284.JPG         DSCN1293.JPG        
DSCN1294.JPG         DSCN1295.JPG         DSCN1297.JPG         DSCN1302.JPG         DSCN1304.JPG        
phap2.jpg         pic019.jpg         sp.jpg         us68.jpg         vanda.jpg        


Plants to Grow


mammallaria10.JPG mammallaria11.JPG mammallaria13.JPG mammallaria14.JPG mamma.jpg
mammallaria3.JPG mammallaria4.JPG mammallaria5.JPG mammallaria6.JPG DSCN1906.JPG


                             Easily one of the largest cactaceae group with over 250 species, mammallarias are very popular with the public.                             Although variable, most of these plants  being small and globular in appearance.  This  makes them acceptable                             hobby plants.  Their ability to bloom early, those colourful rings of flowers, also add to their appeal.  They are found                             through tropical Americas, especially in Mexico and the southern United States.





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